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We the following signers of this petition all agree that the production of the second Dungeons and Dragons movie should be halted to a complete stop. Not only did the original movie fail at the theatres, it failed to bring the true spirit of Dungeons and Dragons to life. The movie failed to bring the concepts and ideas brought to the game into real life. The characters truly failed to move most and the plot seemed secondary.
While Dungeons and Dragons has gone through quite a few and different changes, the original concept has remained the same. With my first point arcane spell casting: When playing the game, the casters cast extensive spells that are in fact, incantations that are very long, and fire them off with the last words of said spells.
Although this concept is a tad complex for someone who has never played the game, it is not required for people watching HOW they cast the spells, only that they cast them. In the movie, the mages used magic dust. Im pretty sure whoever came up with that was sniffing some "magic dust" while writing.
My second point is: Deities and Demigods. It could not be any more painfully obvious that the creators of the movie were trying to be politically correct and not in any way offend the religious public who would be aghast at the concept of a polytheistic religion being practiced even in a fantasy setting.
My third point will be the Acting. The acting seems to lack any real depth and it was hard to truly feel how the characters were feeling. It was very hard to understand the characteristics of most of the cast.
My Forth point is the Special Effects. Most of these special effects looked as though they were done in MS Paint by a 9 year old.
My Fifth and final point will point out the lacking of plot. While points 1-4 would be more than enough to make this movie bad, the plot really drove in the final nail.
The plot was a rip off of Star Wars: Episode 1. The good queen was trying to defend the rights of the people from the evil magistracy (ruling class of mages.). Incredibly enough, she had a magic wand that commanded all of the gold dragons; anybody who knows Dungeons and Dragons knows how stupid that idea is. The problem is the mages force her to give up her wand. She seems somehow unwilling do something radical like show them that the gold dragons could smite them all in a heartbeat. So she gives up the wand that controlled the dragons yet secretly plotted to get the wand that controlled all red dragons. But instead of sending elite guards or the highest level of agents, she has 2 thieves who broke into the mages guild and screwed up stealing anything, a mage who is a total incompetent pain, an elf ranger who is surprisingly competent but never developed, and the token dwarf fighter. Meanwhile another wizard is planning on a take over of the whole kingdom. And in the end the adventurers win although they lacked a cleric though the whole adventure and any true Dungeons and Dragons player knows that this is not possible. Unfortunately one of the thieves died. However at the end, the gravestone erases the thief who died's name, and the adventurers turn into fairy dust.
Also noting, any DnD movie to ever be made should take the plunge and add the deity system and clerics in. If there is controversy about it, great! Free publicity! But don't leave out an essential and rather interesting part of the game out cause you are afraid it might offend a portion of the public that wouldnt watch the movie anyway. With the combination of these 5 points we the following signers agree that the Dungeons and Dragon movie should be stopped in production.

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