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The podcast "Distorted View" is a pro pedophilia pornographic podcast that your servers are hosting. We, the undersigned demand you remove this podcast from your servers and cease providing services to the "Tim Henson" who produces the program.

This podcast and the garbage it contains must be stopped.

"Tim Henson" ends his programs by listening to voice mails from his fans. In his comments on those messages, he encourages his underage listeners to engage in deviant acts and jokes about sexually abusing them.

His skits are racist.

He encourages spouse abuse, often uttering the line 'The B***h probably deserved it" when reading stories of women being beaten or even killed.

He mocks the deaths of children, laughing hysterically the more gruesome the child's death or maiming is.

The show is rife with sick and perverted content of all kinds, including pornography of a nature I can not and will not discuss here. His fans still call in to rave about a pornographic story a female fan read in which she related the (fictional??) account of eating an aborted fetus as part of a sex act.

This hate filled Pedophile and his mocking pseudonym of "Tim Henson" is an example of everything that's wrong with the media, and a shining example of everything that we need to get OFF the Internet.

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Latest Signatures

  • 19 December 2015100. Laura J
    I support this petition
  • 01 December 201599. Timmyboo Whatitd
    100 sigs!
  • 14 November 201598. This Isahugefreakinj
    Give me a break, man. You have OBVIOUSLY never listened to the show. I have. I may disagree with everything he says, but I will NEVER stand against another American's right to free speech. No matter how vulgar. No matter how obscene. Deal with it.
  • 29 October 201597. Cory D
    Give me a break! Keep Distorted View RUNNING! People these days take things too SERIOUSLY! Long Live Tim Henson
  • 27 October 201596. Mr H
    If where not for DV I may have never tried ole Triggers big horse cock and still be alive today... (does a dead persons vote still count?????)
  • 26 October 201595. Emily M
    Offensive is too soft of a word.
  • 28 August 201594. Timmmaaaaayyyyy Munoz
    Down with the DV podcast! Lets make this awesome show into a TV programme!!!! thanks for all the publicity corny.
  • 31 July 201593. Elon H
    I support this petition
  • 30 July 201592. Froggo Zijgeb
    It's vomit-worthy.
  • 16 July 201591. Lou Cf
    Nice petition you got here cornhole... Makes me tingle all the way from my cloven hooves up to my pointy horns to see you fail so brilliantly,,, AGAIN!!!! btw see you really soon! I got a special treat instore for you when you come on down, Don't forget t
  • 10 June 201590. God Salas
  • 06 June 201589. Billy M
    Dude, we totally neeed to like get him for not reading my Merkin Sextastic Tuesday!
  • 05 June 201588. Miss T
    If Jesus loves me, why do I not like cheese?
  • 26 April 201587. Rock L
  • 08 April 201586. Tube S
    Every Tuesday, I get abused because of Distorted View.
  • 19 March 201585. Stinkywizzleteat Good
    No one appreciated my collection of dirty tampons until Tim Henson. Praise Jeebus!
  • 18 March 201584. Ak T
  • 15 March 201583. Your Monkeyo
    Your Monkey Overlord signs and approves this petition.
  • 13 March 201582. Cho S
    His show make me shoot! Bad show! No tickee, no shirtee!
  • 11 January 201581. Rabbit C
    BOOOO! BOO TIM HENSON! BOOO! BOOO! dark knight
  • 04 January 201580. Anthony D
    I support this petition
  • 30 December 201479. Pee Wholeg
    ohh my urethra is being pounded
  • 28 December 201478. Tim Hensonsl
    DV ROCKS! Cornswalled -- go jack off Bush or something you loser.
  • 28 December 201477. Goastdirrea Pierce
    Liking butt holes is fun
  • 13 December 201476. Peter F
    carefull now!
  • 08 December 201475. Dee Moyer
    This is an Anti-vote
  • 30 November 201474. D Hg
    Tim's in my club which means he's one of my buddies. Automatically.

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