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In 1992, the myth of the European Championship Cup had a terrible lifting.
With the introduction of the group phase, the glowing Champions League will have changes nearly every years: more qualified clubs for powerfull associations, obligation for smaller countries to pass preliminary rounds, creation and disappearance of second group phase...

Unhappily, in a frenzy economical context around football, all these evolutions tend to favorize a group of around fifteen clubs, the big championship teams that play the C1, all or almost all G14 members. Reigning on their domestic competitions, they assure their domination on the moneymaker European scene.

Still worse, the UEFA is instumentalized by these clubs in order to defend their own interests in place of all other members of european football.
Next step, in this direction, will be without doubt the creation of a closed league, as in american sports league, even if it means the sacrifice of national championships and the legendary sport uncertainty.

The 27 of January, UEFA will choose his new president. On the one hand, Lennard Johansson, the outgoing conservative candidate by excellence, has no more program than the economical achievement of the Champions League. On the other hand, Michel Platini, who had achieve a lot as a leader, represent the hope for total football fans to see the love for their sport defended as it should be.

The former 1998 World Cup organisation team leader, still FIFA secretary, has axed his program to a come back to a more authentic football. As he declared recently, football is not an economic activity as another one, it is a game where the truth, the simplicity and the sobriety can't be totally registered by market laws and even less tarnished and deteriorated by the derivatives of these ones."

More concretely, M. Platini wants to introduce in the european law a "sports exception", that protects football from an all liberalism , ideology which not suits well with sports. He also proposed to put a limit to the number of representative clubs from big championship in continental competitions, in order to put back a suspense that cruelly make default nowadays. Last and not least, he engages himself to prevent the creation of any closed league.

This election, on its own, will not make a revolution in football. But it might be the first step towards a new era, turned more on beauty of sport then economic rentability.

Of course, this poll is not democratic. However, we care too much about football for not letting federation,who have the vote rights in the UEFA, hear our voices. This petition for Michel Platini candidature should be a detonator, in order to open the way to a best consultation of fans, spectators, that are still the soul of this sport, our passion.

-In order to stop european football evolution towards a system similar to american sports;
-to try to save our national championship and result uncertainty, that make charm of our sport;
-to make at last hear fans voices, always exclude from the Great Family of football whereas they are its cornerstone;

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