India has lost most number of people to terrorist attacks in the world after Iraq!!
Look at the other countries. There has not been a single terrorist attack on the United States after the 9/11 attacks. United Kingdom tightened its security and avoided any major attacks after the Glasgow Bombings. There has been no major strikes in Spain after the Madrid Train Bombings. After the Bali Bombings in Indonesia, the country has not seen any major attacks. But look at us!! After each and every attack, the response from the politicians is similar, with each one of them doing nothing more than just condemning the acts. It looks as if even the script of the speech has not changed since 1993!!
The media, be it print media or television news channels, give extensive coverage to the incidents but after the story seems to hold no entertainment value, it gets discarded, and a new sensational story is broadcasted 24/7.
The investigations into the acts proceed at a painfully slow rate and most of the cases still remain unsolved. In whatever few cases the police has success in cracking, the court trials are also equally slow. By the time the process is over and the convicts are sentenced, it seems like most of them have grown old or dead!! If a death sentence is delivered, it is not executed for reasons best known only to god and the politicians themselves.
The public reacts very strongly only so long as the incident enjoys media attention!! Once the media interest starts waning, the public interest in the matter also begins to wane.
But how is it possible to bring such explosives and ammunition into a city without anybody ever noticing anything suspicious?? We never seem to learn from our past. The public must learn to be more proactive and help the authorities by reporting to them any suspicious activity that they see. We must use our fundamental right to vote and elect a responsible government. Instead of simply blaming the government and the security forces for lapse of intelligence, we must acknowledge that we the public has not been responsible enough. We must behave responsibly and be alert of our surroundings at all times. If the country is united against terror, we can also become free of these attacks.
But our peoples seem to unite only when the Indian Cricket Team seems to be playing!! This sorry state of affairs has to change if we are to give our future generations, a strife free nation to enjoy!!
Let us stand united and defeat terror. Let us show ourselves and to our brothers and sisters in the world that we are not just angry and shocked, but also capable of doing something concrete to counter the menace.
We concerned citizens would like to see the following changes, which we have drafted in the form of a charter :-

To the Government,

1. Formulate strategies to check corruption in Police and Defence Forces. This must include streamlining the working hours for the police, and proving them with better working conditions, as they are also human; increasing their salaries. Security for VIPs must be made a separate dept and VIP security must not draw upon the Police and security forces or Defence forces.

2. Allot adequate funds for all the forces Police, Paramilitary and Defence, instead of unnecessary expenditure in luxuries for politicians, their security, unnecessary tours and trips with their relatives etc to foreign lands.

3. This allotted money should be used to declare war against Terrorism and for modern scientific armaments for Police, Paramilitary Forces and All other Defence Forces.

4. Quickly form a committee of Defence Experts that will list down ALL sorts of weaknesses in Indian Security System all over the country and report to the Central Government, with suggestions of improvements.

5. A Centralized Security Agency should be formed which should be above all the Defence Forces and Security Forces, in order to make coordination between them faster and easier. There should be proper Amendments made in Constitution so that there is proper communication between State Govt., Central Govt. and all the Security and Defence Forces. Rules should be formulated in such a way that any Security/Defence unit at the closest distance should be called immediately without any delay and there should not be many formalities in this communication.

6. Special Armed Forces formed to tackle terrorism must not be confined to Delhi and it must be decentralised. They should have all kind of modern equipments of international level. They should be equipped with Modern Combat Gear with all the modern gadgets of International standards.

7. There should be a Research Group formed whose only work will be to find and discover all kinds of modern technologies used in combat and they should work with inventions of such gadgets exclusively to be used by Indian Security Forces.

8. Strengthen and equip all the Intelligence Agencies like RAW, Intelligence Bureau (IB) and others with good number of people and modern spying gadgets.

9. Govt. should now opt the policy of Best Man for the Job and should think of India as a whole without any selfish motive, whoever may be in power and be it anywhere. All political parties should stand together when its question of National Unity, Integrity and Security.

10. No politics over Religion, Caste, Region and Language should be allowed, especially in matters of security. Severe Laws should be formulated for people doing so, only then we can make India a truly secular country.
11. Voting must be made compulsory for all citizens, and not voting must be made punishable by law. NRIs must be extended the facility to vote throught the Indian embassies and high commissions.

12. Special Forces should have an airbase and helicopters so that they can reach at any place in emergency situations in as less time as possible.

13. The Police Force at each level should be provided modern equipments in good quantity so that they can use them in odd times against any sort of criminal act.

14. Police Force should be provided with proper quantity of ammunition to practice shooting and they should also be provided with proper shooting ranges. Police force should also be given proper physical training and Physical trainers should be appointed for the job. The police force must be doubled if not tripled.

15. Officers found guilty of not performing their duties properly should be dealt with stringent action.

16. All kinds of Separatists and Fundamentalists should also be dealt with stringent action.

17. CCTV cameras should be installed at all the prime locations like airports, railway stations, bus stands, crowded public places, heritage places, malls, hospitals and all other places considered vulnerable to any kind of criminal attack.

18. All the above mentioned should also always have their maps and layouts ready for any kind of security operations.

19. Any kind of information regarding any kind of criminal act should not be taken lightly and should not be ignored. Immediate action should be taken against it.

20. When any information about terror act is obtained from Intelligence Bureau then a margin time of at least one year should be taken into considered to provide security to that place.

21. In any kind of terrorists attack any needed help should be taken from various Service Providers like Mobile Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Ethical Hackers, and such things should be exploited and used as needed.

kindly support our cause, sign for us and let your voices be heard!!

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