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Terrorism of George Bush

Terrorism, so today we all hear about terrorism from one mouth or the other. Terrorism has been Globalized today. Thanks to Mr. Bush and a few of his sly ministers, Terrorism Today, is defined in the world dictionary by the self-proclaimed head of all, America, as anything that disturbs the peace of America. Very well Mr. George Bush, now that you have done this Dictionary work, you have no problem with the other Nations of the world, just tell them the reference in the Dictionary & go on your way!

Mr. George Bush & his tricks & techniques to finish Terrorism are criticized the world over, this article being no exception, so Mr. Bush, you are trying to finish the Osama you built? Or you are trying to finish the Saddam whom you helped in Iran war? Or are you stopping Pakistan from selling the nuclear technology, which you yourself gave to their unsafe hands? Very well, this behavior of yours certainly justifies that you do not stay firm on even your own words & go on double standards Eh? You sir, have a doubted mental balance if such things are true. Lets see a few points of your incorporated idioticness, in all over the place:-

Iraq: Hey Iraq! We are coming to free you! From Saddam! From WMDs! I think you forgot to add, "From a good & healthy life " too. Because thats what you actually did. Why you ask? Well Well Well, Here is it, when you had not stepped in Iraq, All was moving along with peace, people were happy and good, and they had no obvious complaints against the rule, What now? You bombarded cities in the name of WMDs, you took lives in the name of WMDs, you arrested Saddam in the name of WMDs, and the one thing you didnt find was WMDs, I think WMD is supposed to be weapons of mass destruction as well as war mentality dissolution, this could well have a few more considerate meanings, But seemingly, Mr. Bush, you found none of them in Iraq. But instead you lead Iraq to a Riotic, Rumoric, Barbaric & Inhumanic scene, All because of one idiotic, you!

Osama Bin Laden: Nice to see this, your own saplings, ate you up? or your own children backfired you? Whatever be the case, but Osama certainly is not peace with you any more, because he has backfired once more, He did the 9/11 &, enraged, you did the Afghanistan Episode, well Mr. Bush, are you removing terrorism from the world or enforcing it on innocent countries? Your enforced Terrorism on Afghanistan once, then you did the same with India, & I dont know, but with many more countries you did the same, when your child begins to hit you, you take action, when Talibanis fought Russians they were very good, you didnt thought of Terrorism on Afghanistani people & the Russians then? No no no you did not do so, but, after your deaf ears heard The bomb blast of 9/11, You became alert, in an idiotic way again, bombarding Afghanistan, for Osama perishing cities, for Osama, and in the end, you do everything but to find Osama. Once again a question mark moves over your sanity.

Pakistan: Another one of your children who is slowly biting you on the back, you gave this country weapons, Aircrafts, Ships & what not, hoping that this country will help you in your each & every Anti-Terrorism activity? Perhaps not, because Pakistan has backstabbed you too, giving shelter to all your wanted criminals, to your hit list and to your enemies as well as attacking indirectly some of your friends, or to say close friends, like the United Kingdom.... The London Bomb Blasts clearly show that the Pakistani Terrorists are there, but where, you seem not to know, But you form a cloth in front of your eyes, so that you dont see the deeds of Pakistan isnt it? Mr. Bush, rise until its too late, dont be blindfolded, Wake up from your sleep, or you will witness something which you will always regret. Pakistan is the Centre of Al-Qaeda, your intelligence agencies know that, Al Qaeda is operated from Pakistan, but you don't seem to mutter a word in the dishonor of Pakistan, why I say ? Are you afraid of such a little Muslim country ? eh Mr. Bush ? Or are their any double standards acting here too ? My warning to your Mr. America Bush, You will regret these days, & everyone knows why are you giving shelter to Pakistan, To host the cross Border Terrorist activities on India & free Kashmir & then form your Army base there isnt it? And it is only under your hostage that Pakistan is Sponsoring Al Qaedan activities, when a common man like me knows it. I dont think you would not, Remove the Blindfolds, I again repeat, or you will regret.

Just some of the points, Summarizing your character, it comes out to be a person who is so idiotic, That he makes & forms Terrorists & the destroys them, wasting money & lives in the activity. Nonsense is shouting on the top of your head, & you dont seem to be caring about the security of Americans & the innocent people of the countries you attack, listen to one thing Mr. Bush, your personal fights should not be fought on an international stage, the lives of soldiers of any country are not so cheap, that they may be sacrificed on your incorporated idiocy, In my opinion, you are the biggest terrorist of the world, Nobody else is, your personality the world over is falling down in its graph, and you are being hated by your own people, probably Mr. Bush, America has given your another chance to improve, and maybe you must take advantage & do so, Blaming innocent countries and killing innocent people is not the solution, Go to the Grassroot level & then do something, Otherwise, your tenure will be remembered as an idiotic period of American History.

Dr. Rajesh Dubey
Gandharv Ashram
Mandla Road
Jabalpur-482020, India
Ph - 91-761-3094379, 9826072959
Email - [email protected]
Website - www.gandharv.com

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