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Thursdays are an unnecessary evil. You dont find them at the beginning of the week, the middle, or the end. Instead they are left hanging around in a nearly the end of the week zone.

By Wednesday evening, my mind is thinking Weeee! Its Friday tomorrow, then I realise it is Thursday and my heart sinks. Subconsciously I still think the next day is Friday. Indeed at 17:00 on Thursdays, I leap onto my desk, wave my underpants around my head, while throwing random bits of cabbage in the air and shout, Woo-hoo! Here comes the weekend! Lock up your daughters and stock up onergarters! Reality then sinks in and Im faced with another day at work. This happens every week and it has started to affect my mental health.

My perception defines my reality. I do not think Thursdays exist, therefore I will be petitioning the UK Government to change reality to fit in with my perception of it.

Ban Thursdays! Get rid of them from our calendars! Everyone should still receive the same wage and the working/school week should still be from Monday to Friday. Imagine the election opportunities for the political party who states they will introduce this policy at the next election! Imagine the boost in moral up and down the country! Imagine the reduction in stress levels, congestion, pollution, and the costs for the calendar/diary industry!

Some would argue that Mondays are more evil, describing it as a Satans bum crack of a day. Well my friends, there are three inevitable in this world; Death, Taxes and Mondays. Whatever day started the working/school week would soon fit in Satans bum crack, so getting rid of Mondays would be a futile policy.

I understand this will be a big change, therefore I am suggesting that the policy be implemented in stages. Stage 1 would involve renaming Thursday to, Unnecessaryday because, lets face it, thats what it really is and it would help the country prepare for its eventual removal. The second phase would involve a pilot scheme, where the day is only removed from the Town I live in and then eventually rolled out to the rest of the country in incremental stages.

So, by 2006 Thursday should be a thing of the past; a dark spot in our history. The EU and the rest of the world will soon see how much the country will have benefited from the removal of this accursed day, causing them to follow suit. I do realist that in some countries Thursday is not called Thursday, but the foreign equivalent, yet they know which day of the week Im referring to; it is branded into everyones psyche.

So please sign this petition and show your support for the Ban Thursdays campaign! Together, we can rid the world of this evil!

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Latest Signatures

  • 11 October 201550. Bob Thebuildergonea
    woo! hell yeah! rock on!! cabbage and underpants rock!!! ( m/ ) (--- rock on sign
  • 11 August 201549. George Them
    I support this petition
  • 30 June 201548. Fishheadmonkey Buchanan
    I like wagons.
  • 14 January 201547. Nocashvalue Sellers
    o/ ban thursdays and have fencing on fridays
  • 31 October 201446. Nutnoodle Medina
    Thursdays are the work of the devil! This is a noble cause.. more must be done to stop the evilness!
  • 02 October 201445. Irene N
    I'm the 42nd who signed. Yeah!
  • 12 August 201444. Sarah Cheh
    i can't wait to see the back of Thursdays
  • 11 February 201443. Christoph Cohen
    I agree, thursdays are evil.
  • 24 December 201342. Jostein N
    haehae :P
  • 12 June 201341. Magnar Grnvikm
    TODAY! not tomorrow.
  • 30 April 201340. Pancho Bowen
    I support this petition
  • 13 July 201239. Sindre Raymond
    Yeah, i totaly agree!
  • 13 June 201238. Chris M
    I support this petition
  • 11 June 201237. Seth Ayers
    Yes, Ban Thursdays! PLEASE!!
  • 02 May 201236. Petter Yang
    I support this petition
  • 18 March 201235. Becca Snow
  • 18 March 201234. Epd George
    yes, let us ban thursdays!They make me sad:(
  • 02 March 201233. Andy Cross
    I h8 thursdays I hav food technology at school that day..THURSDAYS ARE EVIL!
  • 07 November 201132. Misfit Reed
  • 18 September 201131. Poofbird Hunter
    Finally, someone stands up and fight! Go Go Go!
  • 26 August 201130. James Mills
    i hate thursdays
  • 09 August 201129. Lord B
  • 05 August 201128. Nm Young
    finally someone else hates thursdays too...Most terrible day of my week
  • 20 February 201127. Talash Dennis
    Woo! Finally a petition for something sensible!
  • 06 February 201126. Munky Baldwin
    damn you thursdays!
  • 09 December 201025. Generalsekretr Mariuss
    I totally approve!
  • 13 October 201024. Astral Bauer
    Thursdays are just useless blobs of time left lying carelessly on our calendars with no real reason to be there...

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UK Government


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