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The Global Chinese Music Awards is a prestigious music award ceremony held annually at various participating countries to honour and give accolades to the cream of the crop in the Chinese music arena. However, the 6th GCMA held recently in Singapore on 28th October 2006, proudly organized by SingaporeЇs very own MediaCorp Radio Y.E.S. 933 FM, in conjunction with 7 other stations from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong, has sparked off several controversies among the public.

The objectives of this petition are:-

1) To bring to light the lack of transparency in the voting system
and judging criteria for the various awards.
2) To question the credibility of the awards presented.
3) To question the credibility, integrity and honesty of the
organizers of the 6th GCMA.

Points raised:
1. No official explanation on the voting and judging criteria was
made before, during, and after the voting process, even after
repeated requests from the public to release the said information.
2. Ambiguous voting system.
3. The lack of transparency in the voting system seems to indicate
only monetary gains for the organizer and not contributing to the
final result.
4. Contradictory statements given by the spokeswoman of organising
station Y.E.S. 933 after the awards ceremony regarding official
voting results by the public, which were announced before the
awards, and stating that results were otherwise.
5. OrganisersЇ credibility, integrity and honesty are in question as
the voting system has degenerated into a game without rules but
yet players are expected to abide by the invisible rules.
6. Awards given out to winners without proper explanation of each
award and without announcing the nominees for each award category,
causing confusion and lack of awareness among the audience.
7. Most Popular Male and Female awards went to more than one winner
but not clearly explained causing confusion not only among
audience but the singers as well.
8. Biasness against certain artistes shown among radio station DJs
during the voting periods in a seemingly blatant attempt to sway
the listeners votes.
9. Signs of favouritism towards certain artistes exhibited by station
10. Artistes nominated under each award category should be carefully
considered and reviewed so that those with comparable achievements
and experience in the industry are grouped together for fairer
11. Organisers did not make full use of the opportunity to introduce
SingaporeЇs up and coming local singers to the rest of the music
industry witnessing the awards ceremony. This could have been a
big boost to these aspiring artistesЇ singing careers when they
venture overseas in the near future.

If you:-

1. nodded in agreement while reading the above
2. believe strongly that the GCMA could have been better organized
and planned
3. think that the voting and judging criteria should have been more
4. think that the organizers could have been more forthcoming and
honest in their responses to the public
5. feel that our local and less established singers are not well
represented and well promoted by the local music industry and media
6. think that the local music industry and media are only promoting
selected artistes that they favour

then please sign this petition for the sake of fairness in the treatment of the artistes you support in the Chinese music industry. We hope to collect as many signatures as we can so that we can send this to the relevant parties in hope of bringing these points to their attention. Let's make our voices heard. Each and every one of you play a part, so please pass this on to anyone who shares the same vision as us. Thank you!

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