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Discovered in 2001 March; until 2004, one unit of operational CIA global attack hit teams, that operated in the United States, 'mistakenly decided' open talks of their covert hostile attack activities, kind of terror attacks directed at people in the United States (CIA domestic covert terror attack operation in US) and people in other foreign countries (CIA global covert terror attack activities), that turned out to be true, like something out of a fiction film, but it is not, of their CIA remotely deliberately inducing enforcedly anyone they freely directed at in doing evil/hostile/even terrorist behaviours and activities, inducing each of the targets in insane and in fit of rage that they did not know about being driven in such circumstance covertly by the CIA pointing gun at their head with the space satellite direct discrete continuous rays (each narrow like a laser ray) that the international community does not know it is running in the global scope & scale for years so far, of the United States using space satellites as its global & transcontinental penetration & very high precise hostile strike delivery vehicles of the direct rays that found it operative in the United States as earlier as 1997 and global scope since 2003 that found it improved and breached airspace defense of every countries and successfully delivered each hostile attack ray on each of people & electronic objects without detected.
Another evidence: in years from 2005 to 2009, using space satellites & this weapon system, from inside the US, the CIA global hit teams were stalking several flights of Taiwan (2005+), China (China Airline, Eva Airline, 2005+), Vietnam (2005+), Singapore, Korea (Korea Airline, 2007), Malaysia (2005+). For years later and so far, the CIA global hit teams still have been executing it; for example, in October 2009, they stalked a flight coming to Norway and had their attack ray directed at at least a Norway resident. Further more, during the stalks, they had their beaming penetrated into the flight cabins onto the flight-crews and customers to carry out their CIA mind attack. They can do the hostile strikes any-time on any planes in any country's airspace. Let go in a bit more on it; they have done such penetrations & attacks on each of people in the air-ports of the United States also without detected anyway.

In 2006, October 06th, it was going on the 'journey' of warning international public communities, world & national agencies, news agencies physical live evidences & leads of this 24/24 operative through-space satellite hostile attack direct beaming of the United States run by CIA global terror attack hit teams (part of NSA, after 2001)that deliberately breached successfully many countries' territory defence all the time scattered through years from 2003, and, of urging a crackdown on this global transcontinental covert terror attack operation of CIAthat on the loose & in the wild, covertly conducting human life damage & property damage through the CIA acts of covert terror attack activities direct at the countries on the CIA secret 'blacklist' and Vietnam as the particular target of CIA hostile purpose, and attack mainly on the human factor, including but not limit to each discrete people & small groups of some people from distant scattered locality to crowded residential central area, state & locality authorities (province, district, ward), military sphere of action, national security sphere of action, public security task-force, corporation, home business, individuals' private house & place, education centre (University, R&D institute, school, even kindergarten school) and so on...,for that the United States has been in 24/24 heavy use of specialized equipped space satellites as their global and 'crossing border' deep-in territory penetration, stalk & terror attack delivery vehicles of its specialized stealth hostile attack weapon of direct ray designated to attack specifically the human factor in mental and physical with undetected yet by all states as it seems.

A bit revelation of a few of real physical hostile damages the United States has been attacking each of people in foreign countries with this weapon system recorded so far: fatal crash of driving trucks/cars/motorcycles, forcing any normal healthy people abruptly ended badly in abnormal intensive choke/cough/sneeze/stroke and so on...To serve as a complement to this crack down, we have recently found one international public report that Mr Peter Moore (in Netherlands) himself has reported his real life (see the following web addresses to his reports as of December 2009) of being hostile attacked by national secret service since 2000 as such we found it so a true match to the typical daily hostile attack activities of the CIA global hit teams that daily target every single one for their CIA hostile purposes in trying to create up disturbance, fear, terrorization, financial lost, daily life ruined to every single one targeted in the foreign countries in a way the victims & the states do not know themselves attacked by the United States using this weapon. We several times have let him know that the national secret service has been executing terror attacks struck down on him is the CIA global attack hit teams using space satellites to deliver direct ray 'cooking' him. A note to Mr Peter Moore on his journey of fighting back to save his life: He actually got several truths on it, although he does not know more than that, and the CIA hit teams are still misleading him as to their tactical long run attack to cover up their track almost perfectly that he needs to sort it out. Here are Mr Peter Moore's reports (to get to the web page of Mr Peter Moore's reports, it is to replace the 'x' with each value: 90, 98, 100, 117, 121) x
and his top domain registered of his survival fightback:

[Some Physical Hints To Assist In Sorting Out This US Space Satellite Direct Ray Beaming]
To give a physical tips to international community on this most-concealed weapon system the Pentagon's uses for its global hostile covert terror attacks it's implanted in foreign countries so far, here are just a bit revelation on some of real life 'damage' effects applied to the electronic equipments targeted by the on-the-fly beaming attack of the CIA's and this weapon system (please do not take yourselves: devices were unstable? Noise interference around?): making noise disturbance to any single working wifi adaptor & wifi access-point, any working wired LAN adaptor from properly functional during the time of the attack beaming directed at it, but, particularly not affect to the adjacent devices if any being around the one beamed, immediately driving any entertainment audio speaker to pop the loud hiss noises while the others are not, causing any specific working LCD screen to have blue/red/white stripes scrolling; turning off any specific driving car (seems their beaming affects the car engine sparking component), creating up heat on the target, quick causing short-circuit to an electric power regulator station, so on. Such things say something on characteristic of the weapon?

[Vietnam, the 24/24 hostile purpose particular target of the United States']
Let stick to the truth: on 24/24 of every single second, it can physically live detect the existence of the United States space satellite direct rays deliberately penetrating through airspace to actively make assaults on targets in people & in civil & military electronic/electric objective points in foreign countries, particularly Vietnam territory, that is based on the live voice communications & the activities of the global CIA attack hit teams operate the weapon system from bases in the United States.
As of so far they have been almost perfectly covering up their tracks from detected. It executes a tactical scatter of assaults by targets, by time, by location and by social engineering psyche attacks. They have been covertly backstabbing people and the state of Vietnam not been detected so far in politic, economy, culture & custom practice, society and military sphere. On the view-signature pages, it updates & informs their hostile attack activities. This direct beaming runs sharp & narrow like a laser beam and is directed to strike on any specific single target; it is out of awareness & detection of all states.

[A Small Picture Depict What & How The U.S. On Hostile Purpose Backstabbing the Vietnam's State & People]
It has kept daily following up as much as possible on their covert hostile acts of sabotage activities being operative for years so far of the CIA global attack hit teams that run space satellites and the hostile attack weapon on 24/24 assaulting Vietnam, the state & people. The Vietnam state has been greatly successful on defending the Vietnam country against the enemies, and seized all evil reactionaries; but, it seems that the state & international community would have ever imagined the evil doers of the Pentagon breaking laws using space satellites and that weapon system to execute many type evil acts of sabotage even terror acts of activities to back-stab the state & people of Vietnam for years so far without detected. To see a brief of how their evil hostile operation and their criminal track almost perfectly been covered up of the Pentagon has been targeting Vietnam for looking into a case that found a typical acts of attack the CIA global hit teams have been running down Vietnam & the state. Here it is: Khanh Dac Pham, a Vietnamese lives in Vietnam, A specific global hit team of the United States has been 24/24 illegally & deliberately in the guise of the state security force 'crossing border' stalking him and terrorizing him all the time & all the places for years until now, as to his frequent reports. Using the proven capable of projecting their brainwave streams of their well-plan-formed evil thoughts into his head that can force him into their hands, the Pentagon's has covertly ruin his life for the rest his lifetime, forcedly (like pointing the gun against his head) projected their psyche well planned thought streams into his head to make him oppose to, hate, misled and fabricate events & things against the state/corporation/the country/the great business environment, He reported they threatened to crop his genital part and scared him to death. He has been advised several times from 2009 to present that the Pentagon's being behind all those terror attack activities against him so far. Mr Khanh Pham reported publicly they have been stalking him and tapping his brain thinking system to get his thoughts remotely; responding to this, it can say totally responsibly that it is true capable of the pentagon's weapon system of its specialized sophisticated (many decades of their hidden R&D on psyche penetration) hostile attack & torture weapon system using direct ray beaming and that they already covertly injected (maybe via a blood-take) their brainwave interceptors in his brain most likely when he was abroad trip where the Pentagon had CIA special hit team operatives there.
As to his official public reports on his case of the tortures, terror attacks, repeated humiliation in phony 'prosecutions', threatening to physical damage to his body parts & his relatives & acquaintances, it is a part of torture & terrorization techniques of the global CIA hit teams has been executing on covert attack with this weapon system for years so far, that is kind of 'a prisoner of CIA' as to his report of what their remote injected communications beamed ('brain talked') to him. Let check his reports he published at web addresses:
Mr Khanh Dac Pham is just the first one in Vietnam speaking out of his being stalked by the Pentagon's satellite global attack hit teams operate in the US bases. It is surely that there are more than just him in some sort of situation as his, and each day in Vietnam, there are always a number of people of the same, the newly different, the occasional, the frequent, the constant people that the Pentagon's direct their satellite direct ray beaming attack on brain. Why? What the Pentagon's hostile purpose in their covert operation of backstabbing Vietnam's? Here they are: by way of scattering their remote attack activities at time, at location, at target, at destination of occurrence, the Pentagon's has been deliberately & covertly creating up occasional illegal & hostile political & social disturbance & movement (fatal traffic crash, criminal & evil activities (just reveal one of dangerous evil deliberate damage by using this weapon that the Pentagon's have done time by time: easily in real time quick to forced anyone in powerfully aphrodisiac state without their consent & knowledge of such evil hostile attack that deliberately aimed at taking the targets in evil criminal crimes of daily social living that the Pentagons trying to run down the state, people: It is almost that they have committed several such criminal cases against a number of the targets ) , dissidents & individual opposition occasion. How? As disclosed above, using their space satellites & the attack weapon system of direct ray beaming, the Pentagon's well-planned fabricated & misrepresented things in hostile & evil means, then on-the-fly physically projected their stream of brainwave of those into each targets' brain at the same time another beam locked up the brain processing of each target to force (like pointing gun at the head) the target in controlled thoughts & behaviours of the Pentagon's hand ran the attacks; the targets never knew they were run by the Pentagon's; and when seized those, the state was hardly to know the Pentagon's was behind all those activities. Just a brief of it.
Here is another exposure on this covert attack activities of the Pentagon's over years from 2003 to present, they have directed their satellite beaming attacks at many people both personnel & guests (Vietnamese people were there, and foreigners were there) when they have targeted buildings of the States such as: I.N.S., Justice Department, Airports, Public Police Department, Military Bases (ground, air, and sea), Corporations (banking, communication, commercial line,...), others in both state-run, army sphere & private sector's: Hospitals, Universities, Schools, and others of the localities (city, province, district, ward from North to South of Vietnam). It needs to expose that the Pentagon is still very hostile & staying still on the course of carrying out covert destructive attacks against Vietnam when it is the 24/24 existence of the Pentagon's space satellite penetration and attack activities in Vietnam on human attack & infrastructure attack aims any time and everywhere. It seems this is the alternative (covert) main hostile campaign of the Pentagon against Vietnam and as the main complement to the Pentagon's traditional way.

A 24/24 monitoring space over all the country territory; R&D & deployment of sophisticated deep body automated scan to thorough check on people coming through airport security checkpoints and screen out the implanted incomers as to a truth of the Pentagon's already have covertly implanted brainwave interceptors on a number of individuals without no consent & knowledge when they were abroad on a trip. And as beamed by the Pentagons' satellites, these implants can transmit back the captures (like a spy camera) of the target's thoughts and things the target hear and see back to the satellites.
Notes: During the posting this, one of the global hit teams of Pentagon was beaming aimed at heart body-part of some targets in trying of life threatening the targets to be taken out with heart-attack in the shot of the beaming.

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