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To Pogo;
Below is a petition to support having the screen names unbanned of two long time pogo players Triplogik_ and FatalSError, who has been with you and supported you over the years. The banning of their screen names was unfair and unjustified. We the many Pogo players ask that you unban their names and allow them to be used again. If you refuse this request you will find, the many members of this petition leaving Pogo and going to another game site such as IonThunder, where we can play, and know we are valued as members. Also if justice is not served, we will also be contacting your sponsors who advertise reaching out to us members and inform them of this petition to show them that you Pogo are not the family oriented site that values their members. I'm sure you will find many will reconsider placing their ads on a site that allows people to be terrorized with harassers, after all it is us the members they are reaching out to.
Please consider allowing Triplogik_ and FatalSError, the unbanning of their screen names, they have as many of us have supported you for years.

To Pogo Sponsors:
We the Members of Pogo.com, would like to inform you of the following petition by the members of Pogo.com, a site where you have your ads placed. We find Pogo to be an unfair site that allows it's members to be harassed. We hope you consider placing your ads at Pogo, as it shows you support Pogo and how it treats, and allows it's members to be treated.

Fellow Pogo Mmebers, Friends, Family & Pogo Sponsors

Recently two long time members of Pogo, have had their screen names permanently banned. These members have been with pogo for 6 plus years. Proud players of Pogo who have stuck with Pogo through the years, standing by them with all their changes.

Due to recent events of harassment that Pogo refuses to take care of, they have had their screen names banned. Pogo has continuously allowed them and the room they hang in, to be stalked and harassed. Night after night they are harassed by two other members, who come in and terrorize their room they play in, attacking them and their friends. Reports have been filed with Pogo over this matter constantly. Pogo refuses to take action on the matter and do anything to the harassers. Instead Pogo has banned the ones who are being abused. For defending themselves and their friends, they have to pay the price of losing their screen names they have had with Pogo through the years, and lose their millions of tokens. Tokens which they earned on their own without the use of auto devices which Pogo allows so many to use.

Pogo claims to be a family oriented site, that values their players. Yet they allow long time members to be harassed and stalked, taking no action against the ones doing it. Endless reports have been filed with Pogo seeking help against the abusers, and the only reply from Pogo is an automated reply telling you to mute the player and report them with any farther abuse. However no matter how many reports you file, nothing is done. They are allowed to remain in Pogo harassing and stalking. The victims end up suffering in the end, with permanent screen name bans. This is not justice at all, when the abusers can continue to abuse and the victims get punished for defending themselves when Pogo will not help. It just shows how much Pogo values their members, the members who have been with them for many years.

Many members pay Pogo for Memberships, and many sponsors pay to advertise with Pogo. What is being paid for is to allow harassers to terrorize Pogo members. Is this what you want your money spent on? Supporting a place that supports and allows members to be harassed and terrorized?

By signing the petition you are asking pogo to unban FatalSError and Triplogik_, who were unfairly banned by Pogo, for trying to defend themselves and their friends against abuse, which Pogo allows to continue. You are also stating that if Pogo refuses this request you will seek another game site to become a member of, such as IonThunder, to play games. You agree Pogo does not value their long time members, yet values those who abuse and terrorize.

It is family and friendships that make Pogo what it is, show your support and help get justice for these friends. Show Pogo that you do not support the unfairness they have showed in banning members that do not deserve it.

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