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This petition is for the rights of Vegetarians and Animals alike. Vegetarians as a people of the past were treated differently, shunned, scoffed, but now we have reached a point in history where there are millions upon millions of us, enough to make a huge stand against the secular meat eating corporations who put contaminates, emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes, fats, lipids, mono and diglycerides, glycols, rennet, gelatine, bone-char sugar, meat and/or meat bi-products, and other animal slaughter-based products in our foods.
This petition is meant to show the Federal Government how strong our movement is, how many of us there are, and how serious we are about what we want regulated in our foods, health care, beauty, and other products. We have a right to know by a simple front label "approved" or "warning", instead of being virtual chemists, what is exactly in our products. By simply looking at an "Ovo-lacto Vegetarian Safe" or "Vegan Safe" We will know if the product is safe or not. To secular meat eaters, they do not understand that meat is as if it were a poison to us; to us, it literally makes us physically sick to eat meat of any kind whatsoever.

By Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian safe, the guidelines are as follows:

Breads should be made of free-range eggs, milk should be of free range cows, any fats, mono or diglycerides should be labeled as from vegetable sources. Any ones not safe should be marked as so.
Cheese should be made of free range cows whos milk is not altered in any way, and should not be stealing from any calf. The rennet in Cheese should be labeled as microbial or vegetable source. Any ones not safe should be marked as so.
Eggs should be free range, any eggs not so should be marked so.
All beauty products and health products should be marked safe or unsafe (vegan or ovo-lacto)

By Vegan safe, the guidelines are as follows:

No product (food, beauty, or drug) is to contain any contaminates of any animal source whatsoever. If safe, it should be marked as safe. If it does contain contaminates, it shall be marked unsafe for vegans.

By following these guidelines, most secular companies will be forced to either make organic, vegetarian safe products or to at least label their products as vegetarian safe (or not) thus making our lives much more simple, rather than us trying to hunt down the nearest health food/organic/vegetarian store and be price gouged for quality. It is an unfair practice, and our "specialty food" should not cost double or triple that of standard food, because most times our products are actually cheaper and easier to make.

The best way to describe our view is, we as vegans do not defecate in your food, meat eaters. Please understand that we don't want your crap in our food. Please do not push it on us forcefully. We do not want it.

Please sign this petition, if you want to know what is in your food. This even goes for meat eaters... Do you guys know what is in your FOOD half the time? You have a right to know without us ruining it for you... its not our fault, its THE COMPANIES fault for putting some of those things in your food (I.E. HAIR. PUTTING HAIR INTENTIONALLY IN YOUR FOOD/HEALTH/BEAUTY PRODUCTS, not as a contact contaminate, but as in PUTTING IT THERE INTENTIONALLY... or urine... or intestinal parts... or bile....or semen.... all intentionally... stuff you wouldn't EAT or USE if you KNEW it was there!!) You have a RIGHT to know what is IN your food/health/beauty products in PLAIN WORDS not sophisticated chemicals that take a scientist to figure out! The FDA does not consider things like this a "health hazard" YET WE NORMAL PEOPLE DO. We normal people would not intentionally eat hair or excrement!!
This is a call for all people, mostly vegetarians, but for everyone as well, so please, please, for the sake of clean, healthy living sign my petition.

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  • 01 January 2016100. Daniel T
    Free the meat Zip Code 32514
  • 22 December 201599. Garret W
    Animals were put here to work not to be eaten and abused Zip Code 49684-8282
  • 18 December 201598. Jaime S
    My daughter and I do not eat pork and it is challenging to find "safe" foods to eat. All people have the right to know what companies are putting into their food! Zip Code 46268
  • 17 December 201597. Corinne B
    I think it is great someone finally spoke up about this topic, thank you! Zip Code 07649
  • 11 December 201596. Jeanpierre M
    Let people know what is in their food. Zip Code 91770
  • 02 December 201595. Kyle R
    Name Kyle Richards Glad to see this, signing with no hesitation. Zip Code 01832
  • 22 November 201594. Vegan Shields
    Great Idea Zip Code 97202
  • 20 November 201593. Rashmi Logan
    - Zip Code 48083
  • 15 November 201592. Heather Merritt
    Name В please Zip Code 55416
  • 11 November 201591. Amit Daugherty
    please understand. Zip Code 10022
  • 24 October 201590. Virginia P
    This is one of the best petitions I've ever seen, I'm going to post a link to it on Pet Town( and hopefully the other vegetarians on there, and the people that just support vegetarianisn and animal rights but are not veg*n will si
  • 20 October 201589. Lory A
    Name Lory i hope tjhis works Zip Code 17315
  • 16 October 201588. Elizabeth F
    Imagine all the stuff we wouldn't have in our society if folks would just stop buying them. Zip Code 37215
  • 03 October 201587. Angel Nash
    Name Angel "Hey,nice site look this: Zip Code None
  • 01 October 201586. Michael O
    Name Michael Olson FDA - Please set some safety standards, true label standards, I have two young children that are also vegans like myself, please make it easier for them to continue through life being so! Zip Code 53704
  • 28 September 201585. Lauren D
    agreed Zip Code 75604
  • 15 September 201584. Alanna Briggs
    Yeah no more stressing about what's in my food Zip Code 30607
  • 01 September 201583. Bradley S
    Name В I agree that we have a right to know what is in our food Zip Code 95444
  • 30 August 201582. Pearl Jenkins
    Name В Ban hidden meat. Zip Code V1Z 3M9
  • 24 August 201581. Ian Beck
    Vegetable rights and peace! Zip Code 33313
  • 23 August 201580. Pamela H
    Name Pamela Hines Vegetarian FDA regulation Zip Code 60618
  • 08 August 201579. Sandhya Molina
    I request FDA to release a standard Zip Code 215918
  • 02 August 201578. William P
    VEGANS RULE! Zip Code 58701
  • 17 July 201577. Cloei B
    hmmmm Zip Code 92111
  • 13 July 201576. Jacki Pennington
    Name Jacki As a vegetarian, I whole-heartedly agree with this. It's an excellent idea. Zip Code 49829
  • 06 July 201575. Jessica Noble
    Thanks for making this petition. Zip Code 91763
  • 24 June 201574. Jennifer B
    Name jenny bottari this is beneficial for everyone! Zip Code 58703

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