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Ok... there are many petitions concerning Y-100's Departure. I believe that if a lot of people sign this, there is a better chance of some change. I do not like Rap. I love Rock. Rock is wonderful. Rap is bad because the rapper's have no musical talent. All they do is have someone make them a beat. Then they talk to it. Some might say its poetry. I beg to differ. When have you ever heard a poet say the words "nigga, hoe, bitch, pimp" or any other derogatory slang like that? Never. Also, most of the times these "songs" are offensive. They talk about how they are better than people unlike them. They are basically racists. On the contrast, Rock is better. They sing. They have musical talent. They play an instrument. Some instruments are the bass, guitar, and drums. Have you seen a rapper pick up a guitar lately? Exactly. And they never will. Y-100 was located at 100.3 fm. It was fine there. But the rap loving racists from "103.9" aka The Beat had to take over. Why couldn't they just keep their old station? W/E! You get the point.... WE ARE PISSED!!! [we as in the rock-a-holics of Philadelphia]. So, if you agree that Y-100 should be resurected, sign this. Then, send it to your friends and family. Then get them to send it to friends and family. You see where this is going. Well, thank you for your time, and have a nice day

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Latest Signatures

  • 03 March 201039. lauren
    go to y100rocks.com
  • 03 March 201038. erik
  • 02 March 201037. Genna
    SIGN THE OFFICIAL PETITION AT y100rocks.com!!!
  • 01 March 201036. Allen
    The Philadelphia area is in desperate needs the return of the only modern rock radio station that we had, Y100. It is not fair/right to remove the only radio station of this genre. I have been a loyal listener to Y100 since sometime in 1999, and listen
  • 01 March 201035. Karen
  • 01 March 201034. jenny
  • 01 March 201033. Joe
    Philly doesn't need another SH-T radio station! We need Y100 back! Preston & Steve you guys rock!!!
  • 01 March 201032. Erica
    Y100 ROCKS!!!!!! RAP SUCKS!!!! RAPERS HAVE NO TALENT WHATSOEVER!!!!! you're totally right dude. i want my frickin Y100 back!!! Y100 rocks!!!!!! keep on rockin in the free world, Dorkess
  • 01 March 201031. Christine
  • 01 March 201030. Megan
  • 28 February 201029. Lenny
  • 28 February 201028. Lauren
    please bring the real y100 back
  • 28 February 201027. amy
  • 28 February 201026. Sean
  • 28 February 201025. Laurel
    I don't wholly agree with how this person deplicts rap, obviously they have not really listened to it. However, I do agree with the fact that Y100 plays real music, and that the radio these days is filled with rap stations that cannot hold up to what Y100
  • 28 February 201024. Rachel
  • 28 February 201023. barbara
    bring back y100 u mother fu.cking rap fuc.kers
  • 28 February 201022. Betsy
  • 28 February 201021. Harry
  • 28 February 201020. Rose
    What was the point of taking y100 off the air? There are so many people disappointed with Radio One. The Beat--another station to add to the collection of rap crap in the city of Philly. *sigh* Life will suck without my favorite alternative rock stati
  • 28 February 201019. melissa
    bring back listener based decisions LIKE OUR ALTERNATIVE ROCK STATION!!!!!!
  • 28 February 201018. kitt
  • 28 February 201017. Winslow
    bring back y100!!
  • 28 February 201016. Chris
  • 28 February 201015. crystal
  • 28 February 201014. Kelly
    i was listening to the radio tonight, and they went from talking about sex songs, so forever young! please i need sane music back
  • 27 February 201013. Butthead
    The beat sucks.Y-100 played good muzak.Thanks a lot radio one, you stupid screwballs!.They should put back on Y-100 or we should boycott all rap music

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