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We the undersigned recognize that online petitions have no force, but feel that it is desirable to make a stand against the appalling misperceptions and mischaracterizations put forth in another online petition placed on this site.

The petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/byond/petition.html claims to represent people who are true and faithful to BYOND, the excellent online game development package that has been developed and supported by the good folks (both of 'em) at Dantom International for well over half a decade now. These developers have, of course, paid for us to be able to use BYOND not only in uncountable hours of programming time but in money... money for hosting, money for bandwidth, money to support the previous "dime" merchant system which allowed US, the users of BYOND, to try to turn a profit on our efforts. Yes, this system cost Dantom money. The nominal service fees they placed on withdrawls did not even offset the transaction charges that applied to Dantom in supporting this system.

Eventually, petty abuse and overuse of the merchant system meant it had to be discontinued in its original form.

Yet... the petition by the "faithful to BYOND" blames the BYOND staff for the "85\% of the games" that used this merchant system, and links it to greed on their part! Is this ignorance, or just outright lies? Either way, the "faithful" are doing great harm to BYOND by spreading something that is not true.

This is all ancient history, of course. In current events... the integrated messenger system ("pager") of the BYOND platform is becoming a premium feature, with full access going to paying members (at $15 a year, not very steep... especially as members are getting other perks, including file hosting... another freebie that Dantom had to discontinue due to abuse and bandwidth costs). This is being done because the pager is one of the major sources of bandwidth costs, and is only a sideline to the real purpose of BYOND: game development and hosting. If the pager were to continue as a "freebie", then as BYOND grows, it would certainly put a stranglehold on Dantom's not limitless resources... translation: bye bye BYOND.

Oh, we'd still be able to make, play, and host games if Dantom went bankrupt... but there would be NO hub, NO pager, NO networked anything to communicate and publicize them.

But to avoid that dark possibility, Dantom is instituting a small ($15 a year) fee on full use of the pager. BYOND itself is, as they have stated it always will be, still free. Players who have the means can help support BYOND, and through their membership, can communicate with friends who can not... not a perfect solution, of course, but the best one that's been offered.

Dantom is not doing this with the expectation that they'll make money... rather, it's a check against future costs. It's a way of making sure they lose an acceptable amount of money, instead of going broke in unchecked growth. It's not something they enjoy doing, either. After so many years of developing and supporting BYOND, it's obvious they enjoy doing things to help others achieve their dreams.

And yet... this nefarious petition claims that it's greed on their part, and acts like Dantom has any alternative! The signatories are spreading malicious rumors, such as, it will be $15 a month or even a week, or that games will become pay to play. They claim Dantom is greedy and that they owe us, the players and developers, who have been benefiting from Dantom's patience and generosity for years. They say that the fact that Dantom ever gave us a messenger for free proves that they are obligated to do so forever.

They don't seem to care if BYOND goes broke... they just want their damn pager, and they don't want to pay to support it.

So sign this "petition", to show some goodwill still exists in this community. Sign it to show that not all BYONDers are immature, ungrateful, or thoughtless. Sign it to show that you understand the hard choices real life economics forces upon us. Sign it, and help restore some of my dwindling faith in humanity.

--Hedgemistress/Alexandra (Lexy) Erin.

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Latest Signatures

  • 14 December 201550. Nathan Lindsey
    BYOND Key Worldweaver Name/Nick Nate - Note i have not yet become a member, but, in the future i plan to, as stated very plainly above greed is not the purpose of Byond's fee.
  • 08 October 201549. Julian S
    BYOND Key Digital Squirrel Name/Nick Squirrel I signed the other petition for ONE reason, I thought that BYOND could possibly survive off of donations from the truly loyal, Seika has received a quite-large sum of money and it is a BRANCH from BYOND. Sure
  • 03 July 201548. Alexandra E
    BYOND Key Hedgemistress Name/Nick Lexy Well, the thing is... Seika isn't a branch from BYOND. None of the games on BYOND are actually affiliated with BYOND, not even Chatters, the 'official' chatroom. All are private products made by private developers.
  • 31 May 201547. I F
    BYOND Key Digital Samurai Name/Nick Digi BYOND shall succeed! Muhahaha
  • 07 May 201546. Charles Richards
    BYOND Key Teh Governator Name/Nick Chuckles Here here! Long live BYOND, Dan, Tom & all their glory!
  • 24 March 201545. Delmore Mayo
    BYOND Key Raziel.Sciand Name/Nick Del I've never had anything against whats BYOND done as of yet, Why start now?
  • 16 March 201544. Will Kaiser
    BYOND Key Elation Name/Nick Elation I gladly sign this petition! Go Dantom.
  • 27 February 201543. John D
    I support this petition
  • 26 February 201542. Eugene Espinoza
    I support this petition
  • 20 September 201441. Samuel Leonard
    BYOND Key Gokusan5 Name/Nick Kneeko I'm overjoyed that someone has started this petition to counter-act that... other one. Although I am too young to be able to pay the fee for BYOND's pager services, on my own at least, I am in full support of this and
  • 11 June 201440. Flamesage Lynn
    BYOND Key FlameSage Name/Nick FlameSage Go byond, all the way, shut those freaks up! $15 Bucks a year forever!
  • 28 April 201439. Davidson L
    BYOND Key SSJ-Chao Name/Nick Kaiochao Go Dan!
  • 03 April 201438. Jason Lynn
    BYOND Key Karrigo Name/Nick Karrigo The pager was a joke anyway... Don't see why all these kids want to get STA messages.
  • 20 February 201437. Phoenix M
    BYOND Key Phoenix Man Name/Nick Phoenix Man I'm hub-banned, but still. I'll just wait until I'll be unbanned. =)
  • 20 December 201336. Yours T
    BYOND Key DeathAwaitsU Name/Nick DeathAwaitsU Well I guess this was inevitable after donating $200.
  • 11 November 201335. Ben Henson
    BYOND Key Mobius Evalon Name/Nick Mobius Evalon Save the rainforests! ... Er. *Changes shirt* I'm pro-Dantom!
  • 08 November 201334. Flick Berger
    BYOND Key Flick Name/Nick Flick Go Dantom!
  • 07 November 201333. Chris Hansen
    BYOND Key Crispy Name/Nick Crispy I, for one, welcome our new Spamless Pager overlord.
  • 24 May 201332. Kade S
    BYOND Key Wanabe Name/Nick Wanabe Having this member system put in place is a small step to victory!
  • 17 May 201331. Joshua T
    BYOND Key Repiv Name/Nick Repiv В
  • 16 April 201330. Christopher Solomon
    BYOND Key Doom989 Name/Nick Doom989 GO BYOND! IM DONATING! $15 is such a small amount, it would feel insulting not to give more
  • 12 February 201329. Alexandra E
    BYOND Key Hedgemistress Name/Nick Lexy Y'know... I don't even know if anybody will sign this... because unlike the ingrates who I'm responding to here, I'm not making the problem worse by pager-spamming this. But every signature here is a blow for truth
  • 08 October 201228. Danual S
    Name/Nick Shin Hokage Renewman I believe this move is retarded and should not be taken seriously.
  • 28 September 201227. Patrick Ashley
    BYOND Key YMIHere Name/Nick YMIHere faith_in_humanity++
  • 01 September 201226. Tiko Merritt
    BYOND Key Tiko Name/Nick Tiko I've been using BYOND for nearly 3 years, and I can say that I have truly enjoyed my time here and will continue to enjoy my future here. The "naysayers" who want their pager for free really need to get their thoughts straig
  • 07 July 201225. Kyurir Tucker
    BYOND Key Kyurir Name/Nick Kyu not a noob
  • 23 June 201224. James White
    BYOND Key SSJ2GohanDBGT Name/Nick James Yay for the people who actually undersand. I get tired of hearing whiney kids complain about things that they helped to cause.

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