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Shoot the one who speaks for Mohammad

Generally there are innumerable examples of pretense, violence and insincerity appearing in the times gone by, however, the one that is unearthed at the present is even worst one in the Muslims history. Olden times witness the tragedy of Krabla the atrocities of Yazeed the expression of grief for values by dignified folks of Imam Hussain shudders the soil, even now the mountains, oceans, birds, jungles and even history lacks to stop thinking about that wipe out but they cannot do so, even now blood is sweltering with pang of revenge in hearts, even now throat thrusts to rip heart and till the present gravel of Arabian Desert cries for the conduct of Taifs inhabitants and even now Muslims cannot overlook the intrigues.

They cannot overlook the blood in Kashmir, where a womans safety is a prank, and where the beasts take delight in the laughter of raping women; the Muslim woman who is mother, sister, daughter and wife even with the courage they are humiliating their modest soles. In Palestine where Muslim-mother looks as if she is waiting for son to be martyred, the exceptional model of tolerance in Chechnya, Bosnia and Herzegovina. These all are the bitter examples but now what happening is the worst. After the independence Act 1947 Muslim Nations have been suffering from the hands of Politicians the direct descendants of fugitives they excelled the power with help of west in return.

The criterion to be a politician in Muslim countries is therefore only necessitates being the agents of west and play for the self-interests. They were English-Lords who granted them the birthright to own the land and rule the people; they were entitled FARZAND-E-ENGLESIA the honor of England. They are born to rule whether or not they are literate enough; they sit on TV and state nation is ignorant. They declare nation is ignorant because nation is alleged for fracturing the civil and personal properties in wake of detestable action of uncivilized Denmark. Yes, the people of Pakistan are ignorant they do not realize the purpose of damaging the properties; but interestingly, they are even ignorant to the fact who is actually doing it.

Who is the one who masquerade as student or civilian and blazes the cars, busses, etc.? Virtually, for the Politicians at first it was hard to set up the reason to cease approaching protests then installing their groups in masses to burn civil and individual properties is indeed the rational reason to stop the protesters to speak against the west and their interests. Now they have enough right to shoot the one who speaks for Mohammad in Lahore, Peshawar or any where in the world. Their interests are important than their convictions, they born in the houses of hypocrites they carry nothing but the blood of conspirators with greed in their characters. However, the time is not far when indigents will find the hope, waifs will find shelter, slaves will find the freedom and poor will rule the justice the flag of peace and conviction of truth. This is the moment that casts terror in their psyche; but yes, this is their destiny they will have to face it.

Oh Muhammad Billion and Four Hundred Millions.. at your service

Oh Mohammad PBUH for you is the verve that appeals to lose everything
On behalf of your name we can lose our lives
For your praise we can obliterate our relations
For the benefit of your perseverance we can wipe out our effects
On the authority of your remembrance we can end our breaths
In support of your tradition we can eradicate our prosperities
In favor of your esteem we can raze our respects
For the sake of your recognition we can tear down our names
Yes we are Billion and Four Hundred Millions at your service
We can lose our self but not You

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