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By Prisoner/Political Activist Xavier M McCaskey
Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Come Ye come all in good faith for truth,honesty,and fairness for all.

I come to you the U.S.Congress today on the basis of a subject that makes it hard for anyone who has a loved one incarcerated to sleep at night, This is a heavy subject and it ways heavily on my mind so I had to address it.

Our great law system has flaws; As we all know that in this system there is no room for era's ,or mistakes, or flaws.
How can we perfect a system that is based on the integrity of individuals appointed to be honest, air and uphold the law?

We have to rid this system of prejudices, personal beliefs and stick to the facts; We can no longer let people be prosecuted because it may seem like the right thing to do no matter how hennas the crime or psychotic the criminal we must stick to the facts.

This great system of ours is corrupt and needs a thorough cleansing from the prejudiced courts in Mississippi that allowed the murderers of Emit Till to go free because he whistled at a white woman.

From the inconclusive courts in Georgia that locked Wayne Williams away for the Atlanta child murders; We must cleanse this system of trial and era and make it safe and trust worthy for all men and women.

This is a problem that has been going on since the beginning of time through and from all religions and places, This system was never more ridiculed then the bogus trial that Caiaphas behold on Jesus Christ.

How do we merit the presumed guilty?
Do we look at the crimes and say ya he did it or is it the facts and the elements that leads us to our predetermined judgments ala Alonzo Cruz this man spent his whole adult hood behind bars on death row only to be found innocent 12 years later?

Due to DNA there has been 358 people freed from prison and that number is too high how do you give back days of peoples lives for being wrongly convicted?

You can't but as people and lawmakers, Judges, and District Attorneys there should be an considerable amount of reimbursements to this people.

What is a letter of pardons from a govner when it is tainted in blood and the guilty assumptions follow these wrongly convicted people?

What good is a letter when the convict has to face the hard times of rejection, always bearing a cross that none of them chose to wear, We as people need to come together and help these people in their time of need.

I say to you congress people what is a jailhouse degree to a potential employer?
I ask you what would your political science ,or, law degree be if it was associated with a criminal?
It would be worthless less than a hay penny its value would only be for self gratification and personal merit only.

What can a person who was locked away in the 70's do when they are freed of a bogus crime and have to walk the mean streets of 2004.
How is a man or woman suppose to feel like they are worth anything when their pride, self dignity must knell to the changing of times.

How is a man whose family my not have the monetary support to help him with his situation support himself when they may be down and out themselves?

I feel the pain of these people going from house to house, relative to relative, shelter to shelter, Because no one wants to hire a 50 year old pardoned inmate, with a govners apology letter, No one wants a old man or woman who may or have worked very little in their lives at their jobs.

It's not their faults and the state that prosecuted them should pay, These people should be compensated 100\% for everyday done for everything that they went through in prison.

From their mental status to their physical status I mean all 50 State should have reimbursement plans for these people.

Enclosing I will not point the finger at the justice system but the beholders of the justice system those entrusted to uphold this great judicial system, I won't point the finger of blame on the mothers and fathers that cry at night hoping that their children will one day be freed, I won't point the finger at no corrupt cops, or District Attorneys offices, I will point my finger at the people because it us that elect you the lawmakers, Judges and the peace keepers of this great Judicial System.

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