All The Signatures

  • 18 December 201550. Rk Campbell
  • 07 October 201549. Josh C
    Will miss you mate. One of the lovliest chracters i ever came across in my life. I can't imagine the loss of the people who were closer to you than I was. xxx
  • 22 April 201548. Michael K
    God Bless Address Fife
  • 16 April 201347. Daviethompson Lopez
    You were a great guy Marty, a true friend. I'm so sorry you went so soon. Requiescant in pace
  • 20 January 201346. Stephen T
    R.I.P Marty, you were a real gem of a guy and you will be sadly missed, Condolences to the family, god bless you mate
  • 28 December 201245. Jordan M
    R.I.P YNWA
  • 25 October 201244. Oc Spears
    RIP Marty
  • 23 August 201243. Ross O
    Rest in Peace Mate - YNWA
  • 25 May 201242. Sean C
    R.I.P Mr Marty. thought's with family and your little girl in particular
  • 12 October 201141. Dean R
    Gone way to soon big man, brilliant talking to you over the last few years and you were a gem of a guy. "One by one, only the good die young"
  • 20 September 201140. Ryan Andrews
    R.I.P. Marty, You have gone too soon but you will not be forgotten as you were a genuine caring person who was always up for a bit of banter. God bless mate, You Will Never Walk Alone
  • 22 May 201139. Ryan
    R.I.P Marty. YNWA
  • 05 December 201038. Ixi Liami
    R.I.P Marty
  • 18 October 201037. Kerry Colquhounaidanm
    God bless you Marty big man, you were so full of life and will be missed, were all thinking of you and still in shock. Some of us think you will just pop up and be you again. Was very sad to hear the news, youre a brave big guy Marty. Rest in peace YNWA x
  • 18 July 201036. Greent Liu
    RIP Marty
  • 30 June 201035. Oneill Sheppard
    RIP Marty, Shocked to say the least, great guy and will be missed by many, thought to his family friends and young Sophie.
  • 04 November 200934. Chivs Maldonado
    Top top guy who was always very helpful and spoke a lot of sense, i even remember reading about 1 of the guys from ireland coming over to watch a celtic match and the guy didnt have a place to stay, marty told the guy he could crash at his, thats the type
  • 03 November 200933. Stuart T
    R.I.P. Mate, You were a true legend.
  • 27 October 200932. Joanne G
    RIP sorry it went that way, god will look after your wee yin, god bless
  • 04 October 200931. Dempsey Reed
    RIP Marti Pellow
  • 12 August 200930. Nick D
    RIP Marty
  • 30 July 200929. Aaron S
    Will miss you big man. R.I.P
  • 19 July 200928. Pearse Wang
    R.I.P Marty mate
  • 20 March 200927. Steven Leach
    God Bless the poor soul, Was always bang on with me, realy sound guy. You and your family are in my prayers.
  • 23 December 200826. Marc Anthonym
    Never had the pleasure of meeting you Martin, but I always enjoyed your posts and the banter on the forum. RIP mate and God bless your family.
  • 12 November 200825. Brian Q
    God bless you and you're family Marty. Can't believe you are gone. Such a great guy , nobody can have a bad word to say of you. RIP Marty !
  • 30 July 200824. Martin Oconnell
  • 02 May 200823. Shelley C
    YNWA! Rest In Peace xoxo Address Boston Massachusetts, USA
  • 24 August 200722. John W
    R.I.P Marty
  • 08 June 200721. Jamie M
    R.I.P Marty, A kind hearted man who has passed on too soon.
  • 05 June 200720. Devlin Rodgers
    RIP Mate, GBNF
  • 26 April 200719. David T
    Rest in peace mate. You were such a nice guy. I'll miss you bud. Hope Sophie is ok.
  • 24 April 200718. Darren Shepard
    RIP, Marty. Always laughing and making jokes. Will never be forgotten.
  • 29 October 200617. Marco Benson
    RIP Marty! :-( Address Stuttgart / Germany
  • 12 September 200616. Gerard M
    May god bless you and you rest in peace Marty ,but to me you where nothing but a true gent RIP and may the angels watch over your wee one
  • 28 July 200615. Hoopymo Marshall
  • 11 March 200614. Conor H
    RIP Marty, you were a fantastic to know, and was a pleasure to get to know you, YNWA
  • 31 January 200613. Dale G
    Rest in peace Marty , gone but not forgotten
  • 01 July 200512. Leone T
    We Celtic fans are like a big family, and especially on a small place like an Internet forum, every loss is felt. Rest in peace, we are with you and your family.
  • 08 October 200411. Paul R
    paul-r-cfc off tc here. shocked to hear about this. RIP Marty
  • 14 June 200410. Brendan M
    Absolutely shocked to hear about your passing Marty, you'll be in my prayers. Heart breaks for your family and young daughter. RIP.
  • 04 September 20039. Jay Roman
    God bless Marty.A true celtic fan through and through. Address kilmarnock
  • 11 August 20038. Michael M
    rip marty one of a ind
  • 01 August 20037. Angie Suarez
    Thanks for the laughs Marty, Hail Hail mate xxxx
  • 08 March 20036. Allan D
    going to miss you my freind,so proud to be this with you! rest in peice and we will speak again buddy.
  • 02 March 20035. Ian D
    RIP to a true Celt
  • 08 May 20014. Gerry Mitchell
    God bless, Marty...God bless your were a wonderful guy. Always had time to help people...sort out any tech issues or just generally have a bit of banter...R.I.P mate...sadly missed x
  • 18 November 20003. Vincent Butler
    Rest in peace Marty. See ou on the other side fella, so tragic you were snatched away like that. Thinking of those you leave behind at this time, YNWA. :(
  • 24 October 20002. Marc C
    RIP MARTY - enjoyed your input and playing u at fifa. take it easy mate RIP xx
  • 02 October 20001. David M
    marty.we had a few chats and i thought of you as a helped me at times when i needed it.i wont forget mate rip Mr Marty