All The Signatures

  • 05 October 201550. Kristen A
    I hate you melissa stephenson!!! Mark Colbert you will always be mine!
  • 12 July 201549. Sapan A
    I masturbate on my poker chips so you better wash your hands after you play with me!
  • 10 June 201548. Matt L
    I drop pumpkins, I drop fries, I drop glass jars. Just call me butter fingers.
  • 16 February 201547. The Fightingirishd
    Me and Jr know you dropped those fries on purpose Matt Leftridge, son of Mary. One day we will get you.
  • 22 November 201446. Jennifer R
    i love to have sex with black guys
  • 18 August 201445. Jennifer R
    i love for my boyfriend to bang my head into the bed of his truck!! What fun!! Also i love that i get mad when ppl get the car i want when she didnt know i wanted it!! But oh darn!! I love CARMEN!!!!! hahaha Brandon No gurls can beep u -- like michelle ba
  • 23 July 201444. Adam H
    Yay!!! I'm brighter than a warm sunny day! Hip hip horray! Paul Burgess are you ready to room with me! I give the most delish handjobs ; )
  • 12 March 201443. M L
    I want break back so I can hang out with white people.
  • 07 December 201342. Travis H
    I got a tatoo just like Zach but nobody knows what it is about.
  • 19 November 201341. Zach P
    I forgot to say i pierced my nipples too.
  • 19 September 201340. Emily S
    Katie why do you make me pay for gas all the time?
  • 17 July 201339. Class Of
    kiss my asss..
  • 25 May 201338. Steven N
    remember me guys? I'm actually a woman now so i changed my name to my nickname!
  • 03 April 201337. Matt L
    cara jordan is the best sex ever
  • 03 October 201236. Lisa H
    I'm a huge slut and I always make love with my students. My high school years as a student sucked major ding dong so I enjoy being a teacher because I feel that I actually am getting the high school experience. I rule in high school!!! (damn Jay Cox is gr
  • 17 June 201235. The T
    The truth all bltch slaps us in the face sometimes and this is one of those times. First you bltches will not get break back. Second Mark Colbert wrote all of these signatures that look a little questionable. Third, CLASS OF 03 had 4 years of break. Some
  • 11 May 201234. Zach P
    I am zach parrish and without break i wouldn't have gotten a mexican tatoo on my back or pierced my ears. Sometimes i like to get drunk and have people write on me too.
  • 17 February 201233. Krista A
    AHHH!!! I love making out at like college parties, even though I'm only 14 and my mom takes me...I love you david summerlin. Oh the way, all that junk about emily jones is true!
  • 03 November 201132. Earl Eb
    my ass wakes up too early, i need a break so i can sleep.. or have sex with mattberg.. thats all i dream about when i sleep
  • 20 October 201131. Chris S
    Dayum, I'm the effing man! Girls love me and not only that...I party all day instead of going to school. By the way, where's Gerica when you need some jungle fever.
  • 27 September 201130. Matt L
    Hey I am way past smashing pumpkins in people's driveways. Can I smash a glass jar in your driveway since I am a clumsy fukc up.
  • 14 September 201129. Sammy S
    I'm one crazy SOB and i hate asians
  • 01 June 201128. Mark Rc
    I love Melissa Stephenson!!!!!!!! i want to go out with u sometime!!!! i wish we had break so we could make out
  • 17 April 201127. David W
    I wear leather thongs to sleep in.
  • 03 June 201026. Dustin G
    In the words of some NCSU students ... PWNT
  • 09 February 201025. Adam H
    I go to chapel hill and dress gay.... go figure. With break i can once again hang out with all of my girls ( i love you girlfriends we need to go shopping sometime )
  • 25 December 200924. Mario T
    Without break we couldn't have hung out with Sadon and taught him the do do do do do doo, do do do do do doo
  • 24 October 200923. Mr L
    Ummm do know your not getting your break back.
  • 01 July 200922. Travis H
    I look like my brawther look like me...we look like each awther
  • 20 May 200921. Brett J
    Guys, I still haven't found my white tshirt...i guess i'll borrow Treys
  • 14 April 200920. Steven F
    My nickname is Sniffy and I am obsessed with Clayton minors.
  • 28 March 200919. Chopper B
    I like Greasy Dustin is Gross and teach how to make my bikes. He is a true grease monkey.
  • 23 October 200818. Hung H
    I am cool. I will take your stuff and not tell you I have it like a dirty nlgger. I will play with your stuff. I am hung!
  • 31 July 200817. Katie S
    Me and Emily ride together so we gonna die together! Pay me b1tch for driving your ass around!
  • 01 June 200816. Sapan Gomez
    how cool am i?. I like to sit at home and write fake signatures for people!!!!!
  • 05 October 200715. Adam Z
    im tired of cracking, puberty please come soon
  • 04 January 200714. Mark C
    Hey guys lets go do something crazy that you could get arrested for. I'm driving
  • 30 December 200613. Greg O
    Wat up yo! This be Greg. This be my first time online yo. I stole this computer.
  • 26 December 200612. Hyung H
    I wish I had poker chips but once everyone goes to college I will be stuck in smithfield playing with plastic poker chips with Kevin, Miles, and Matt Bedsole. Oh wait, even Matt Fagsole is leaving. I wish I had a plastic condom so I can have sex with my p
  • 04 December 200611. Howie F
  • 20 April 200610. William H
    No!!! I am Hung!
  • 30 December 20059. Haywood J
    ummm yea my name says it all, i haft to say to everyone at SSS go Fuk urselves i hope u guys eat sheit and die, everyone at that school is gay and i hate holt wilson, kevin daughtry, and lisa hales, u guys can have an orgy together for all i care and as f
  • 05 December 20058. Derek W
    I'm a pimp and I know it...
  • 01 January 20057. Hyung Hoh
    I hate you sammy smith!! Emily Jones is a slut??? I want break back so I can back to high school and spend time with Emily Jones. Emily Jones will you give me a handjob. I heard you are good with your hands.
  • 25 December 20046. Cybil W
    i demand to have a break back, or i will erase my face and start another war
  • 12 November 20045. Amin Them
    SSS wow what can i say, i was on topof that school as the prez and my boi mattdaddy for the previous year holla, your break hahahahha what break biatch gaghagaga, i hate paul house of burgess's, kevin daughtry, holt's lake dilsons pond, lisa hales, there
  • 31 October 20044. Cara J
    i love to have sex, expectially with emily jones, she has the best pussie i have ever eatin, and i love spooning with erin wooten god she has a nice A$$
  • 16 December 20033. Hyung H
    Owe Owe Owe OWEEEY!! I just tore my other ACL!
  • 07 December 20032. Matt L
    I want break back so I can break Rebecca Gainy's back!! I loved making out with you girl!!
  • 20 September 20031. John C
    Computers Rule!! MY MATT LEVERIDGE!